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IT language services for your business

Choosing the Vertere translation system means having access to a team of professionals working not only in operations but also on the analysis, consulting and development of tailored solutions for you.

Automatic translation engine training

Automatic translation is no longer the future. Today it represents an increasingly urgent demand within a panorama of contents that multiply exponentially. In some cases, quick solutions that focus on objectives are needed. There are many different technologies, each one has its own specific characteristics. Neural, hybrid or self-learning statistical systems based on rules …. each has its own solution.

Terminology analysis

Using specialised software and qualified personnel, we are able to create customised terminology databases (of different kinds, including Multiterm TermBases) starting from scratch, with monolingual or bilingual contents.

SDL Trados product sales

Vertere is the only Italian reseller of SDL Trados products. We boast the highest skills in this field due to the fact that we use the very products we sell on a daily basis.

Data integration and migration, hosting

Our experts can help you to integrate your translation system, identifying the best hosting to suit you and supporting your company’s data migration. Three fundamental steps for your successful communication!