UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNI EN ISO 17100:2017

We are determined to pursue continuous improvement in all our activities, and our greatest ambition is to be considered irreplaceable partners by our customers, assisting them in meeting their requirements. The company organisation and operations are based on a Quality Management System conforming to the requirements of the standards UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNI EN ISO 17100:2017. This system results in well-defined processes, applied in a systematic, planned and documented manner, with the following purposes:

  • To work competitively on the market, improving operating results;
  • To obtain maximum staff performance, making available a dynamic, professional and highly technological working environment;
  • To control and optimise business processes to improve quality of service.

The Quality System applied is based on rules and procedures established and agreed with the whole Organisation, and formalised in specific documents and procedures that guide each company department in the performance of its activities, to guarantee the following objectives:

  • To increase quality of service through the repetitiveness of the activities performed;
  • To optimise costs and minimise waste;
  • To perform processes in compliance with the security and privacy regulations in force;
  • To deliver service quality conforming to specific contractual requirements and/or the regulations in force, as well as the company quality standards;
  • To increase the quality culture among operating staff, raising their awareness of the importance of their own work.

We are formally committed to implementing a systematic and documented review of the quality system to ensure that it is constantly suitable and effective in meeting the requirements of the reference standard, the objectives laid down in the company quality policy, those defined in the process policies and any others which are defined on a case-by-case basis during the review.

The review is an institutional opportunity for establishing the measurement criteria for each identified indicator and for ensuring that the most appropriate and suitable resources and means are made available to allow the Process Managers involved to work towards the achievement of the identified objectives. We are also aware of the fundamental contribution of all our staff in achieving the company objectives, and for this purpose we have identified specific tasks and responsibilities.

We are committed to investing in staff training, in order to create the most suitable conditions for allowing all our staff to perform their activities autonomously and ensure they are aware of the importance of their activities in contributing to the achievement of our quality objectives.