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Vertere is a translation and localisation agency that integrates analysis, development and Language Information Technology into its management process based on the optimisation of work flows. We provide businesses of any size with targeted, customised multi-language solutions, so that they can focus on their core activities while we make their contents global.


Our translation method travels worldwide, thanks to a solid network of mother-tongue translators specialised in different sectors, allowing us to provide services in over 100 language combinations.


We are specialists in the technological sector, providing rapid language solutions for businesses that work with complex, specialist languages.


SDL Trados

Official resellers of SDL Trados, the world’s most popular CAT Tool that supports all phases of the translation process.


Tailored consulting and courses for SDL Trados products. Every user has their own needs: this is why we don’t like pre-packaged services, and prefer to create tailored programmes.


Vertere S.r.l., based in Piacenza, was founded in 1994 as a translation agency specialised in the machine tool and automation sectors, and very quickly attracted the custom of some of the largest local businesses.

In 1996, ahead of market demand, it was one of the first Italian companies to introduce the use of CAT Tools into its work flow, becoming the ideal partner for the management of assisted translation projects. Banking on the development of these tools in the translation world, Vertere has always invested part of its resources in the creation of an in-house IT division and the training of its staff in the use of these applications. Always in step with the most advanced technologies and offering excellent value for money, the services offered have allowed Vertere to sign long-term cooperation agreements with major national and international businesses.

In 2002 Vertere signed an agreement with SDL Trados, becoming trainer and reseller for Italy of the most popular and versatile CAT Tool on the market. In its capacity as SDL Authorized Reseller, Vertere does not only sell products at competitive prices, it also uses them on a daily basis, in an in-depth and professional manner, providing advice, assistance and training courses, even to its own competitors.

To cope with the increasing market demands and establish more direct contacts with Customers and Suppliers, in 2018 it opened a branch in Milan.

Today the company staff include project managers and in-house translators, certified and with extensive experience in the use of SDL Trados products, IT experts and a network of over 200 translators, revisers and external staff specialised in different sectors and skills around the world.

Official SDL Trados resellers

Vertere is the only Italian reseller of SDL Trados products. We boast the highest
skills in this field due to the fact that we use the very products we sell on a daily basis.

How we work

Vertere has developed its leadership in the machine tool, automotive, industrial, hardware and software fields, earning its professional reputation in the management and translation of technical manuals and enjoying the custom of major international clients. Our network of expert project managers manage the whole translation work flow, identifying and solving problems in advance.


Our activity is based on a management process covering all the phases of a translation project, from requests for quotation to final delivery. We analyse, handle, process contents, transferring them from one language to another in the format required by the client.


In addition to being an SDL Authorized Reseller, Vertere boasts 20 years of extensive experience in the direct use of SDL Trados products. We don’t just sell them at competitive prices, but we use them on a professional basis every day. Our Project Managers have in-depth skills in the use of SDL Trados and for this reason have been awarded numerous certifications.

Courses and consulting

Vertere puts all its in-house competency into the design
and delivery of specific courses for SDL Trados products